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Acrylic emulsion for sound deandener

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As vehicle manufacturers(VMs) strive to lower manufacturing costs and simultaneously reduce weight, increase performance, and use environmentally friendly materials, a new generation of low VOC coatings has been developed and used for various applications in auto factories' body and paint shops. One of these 'green' technologies focuses on the sound damping of vehicle body structures to reduce noise in the passenger compartment. 

APEC's tailor-made, high-quality water-based pure acrylic polymer emulsion, APOND® AP-4679,  that was specifically developed for this application helps formulate highly efficient aqueous sound damping masses. water-based LASD (Liquid-Applied Sound Deadener) is a bakeable thick-film coating that is designed to replace melt-on (heat-fusible), manually-applied asphalt damping pads used on various areas of a vehicle's body structure – namely floor pans, tunnel, dash panel, inner door skins, roof panel, and trunk floor – to damp sheet metal resonance, allowing for automated, robotic application. This reduces labor costs, process variation, and multiple inventory part numbers, as associated with asphalt pads. Robotic application enables VMs to obtain optimal geometry, location, and thickness of the coating, even as running changes are made.  

Product nameApplicationsKey propertiesSolid
(cps, 25℃)
Applications for LASD (liquid-applied sound deadener) for automotive floor (Acrylic emulsions)      
APOND® AP-4679sound deadener for automotive floorexcellent workability, flexibility, water resistance, milky-white liquid50.0 ~
7.8 ~
1,000 ~


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Acrylic emulsion for sound deandener